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I’ve Got My Bow Tie On And The World Is Mine…



Is it just me, or does wearing a bow tie make you feel like that too? I put mine on and the rest is a complete jazz-and-confidence-induced blur. It was awesome.

It’s something I wouldn’t usually try, but there’s something so refreshing about mixing things up.

In the hope of making classy classier, I put on some gentleman’s slippers and went for a cat eye, which I think worked pretty well (that’s me not being modest right there).

I have a feeling this is the beginning of my new love affair with bow ties…


bow tie




16 Responses to “I’ve Got My Bow Tie On And The World Is Mine…”

    • Laura

      Thank you April! By the way, I have to tell you how awesome I think your blogs ‘about me’ section is:) So unique and cute!

      • White Wall

        Aww, thank you Laura. I appreciate it. Your blog looks cool too. Will definitely looking forward for your future post. I followed your blog. Thanks for following mine. Keep in touch! embrace. ❤

  1. safinruslan

    Pre-tied bow tie is ok, but try making a knot yourself – different feel and touch in comparison. Like natural hair and a wig.:)
    You look so cool.:)

  2. Kenny

    I’m looking in your direction because I like this a lot! You carry it off superbly well. I think it speaks volumes of your confidence to experiment with style. It’s a simple addition yet its effect it magnificent.

    • Laura

      Thank you so much Kenny! It was so much fun trying out something new. And you’re right, it develops confidence like nothing else!


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